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      • Coronado School is a community school in Higley Unified School District serving neighborhood kindergarten through sixth grade students. We provide a safe, positive and enriching environment with high expectations for each and every student and staff member. We strive to develop self-motivated life-long learners through quality educational programs that include a well-rounded curriculum of academics, social skills, physical education, art and music.

        With the active involvement of parents, our students and staff work together to support learning. The Coronado team displays a progressive, positive, can-do attitude with a laser focus on our students' growth and achievement. Students develop a full range of academic and social skills through our relevant curriculum and character building programs as they build their educational foundations and prepare for the future. We invite you and your children to join us at Coronado.

        Safety & Security

        Report bullying, threats, drugs, weapons, or anything unsafe by calling 480.279.7233 or by is responsible for safe and secure schools at HUSD.

        Safe Hotline

      • Registration for the Algebra1/Honors ELASS Pathway

        Cooley Middle School would like to invite all 6th grade students who may be interested in advanced/accelerated classes to test for our Algebra 1 and ELASS classes. Please know that students cannot be placed in these classes without testing. In addition to Algebra 1 and ELASS, we offer Honors courses for students that either don’t qualify for Algebra 1 or ELASS, or want to be challenged, but may not feel ready for the rigors of Algebra 1 or ELASS.

        The Algebra 1/Honors ELASS (English and Social Studies) pathways are for students who are prepared for even more advanced courses to start 7th grade. As these courses are the most challenging and rigorous, it is important to make sure that students demonstrate the prior knowledge and ability to succeed with this curriculum. A placement test will be used to determine if students are prepared for Algebra 1/Honors ELASS courses. All interested students are invited to register to take the placement exams at Cooley Middle School on Saturday, February 17th starting at 9am. There will be a makeup date on March 2nd for students that cannot attend the February 17th date. Please click on the link below to register your student to take the placement exams:

        Algebra 1/ELASS Assessment Sign Up

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      • Principal Spotlight: Jeff Armstrong

        Learn more about Mr. Armstrong and Coronado!

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      • Dual Language Classes

        Teachers will be administering the STAMP Test in their classes over the next few weeks. The STAMP Test is the “Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency”. It is a test that assesses students’ language proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Proficiency is an outward expression of spontaneous, unrehearsed communication and is measured on a spectrum of novice, intermediate, advanced, and distinguished. For more information on proficiency, please visit our website: The STAMP Test gives us a measure of a student’s language ability according to benchmark levels based on our state and national language standards. Our language teachers will use this information to inform instruction, align curriculum, and craft future goals.

        During the STAMP assessment, students may not use or have access to paper, writing utensils, or cell phones. Also, no other application may be open on their computers. Students must use school appropriate language in their responses on the writing and speaking portions of the test. Students will need to come prepared to class with their charged computer. They may also bring a headset with a microphone.

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      • Tours Now Available

        Come visit Coronado Elementary and experience our vibrant community of learners! Small group tours for two family members will be offered on Mondays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Tours will be in 15-minute intervals. Registration is required. To schedule a time, please call the front office at (480) 279-6900.Thank you for your interest in Coronado Elementary!

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      • There are no upcoming events to display.

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      • Coronado Elementary / Coronado Elementary (1)

        Kyle Curry, HUSD’s 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year was awarded the Educator of the Year award at the 2022 Gilbert Community Excellence Awards.

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      • Coronado Elementary / Coronado Elementary (2)

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      Coronado Elementary / Coronado Elementary (2024)


      What is Coronado school district rated? ›

      Report Card

      Coronado Unified is a top rated, public school district located in CORONADO, CA. It has 2,799 students in grades K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1. According to state test scores, 61% of students are at least proficient in math and 77% in reading.

      How many elementary schools are in Coronado? ›

      Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) is the public school district for the city of Coronado in San Diego County, California. It includes one high schools, one middle school, and two elementary schools as well as several specialized and unconventional schools.

      Is Coronado good for kids? ›

      Coronado might be a small island, but there are LOTS of great things for kids. They're easy to reach on foot, car or bike. Spreckels Park on Orange Avenue. Best playground and lots of grass for games.

      What is the most popular school in San Diego? ›

      Canyon Crest Academy, which is in the San Dieguito Union High School District, was the highest ranked San Diego-area school by the magazine, coming in at No. 15 in California and No. 140 nationwide.

      What is Coronado High School ranked? ›

      Coronado High School, Coronado Unified School District, Coronado (No. 128 in state, No. 966 nationally)

      Is Coronado a 5a school? ›

      The school currently competes at the 5-A athletics level.

      What is the oldest elementary school in the US? ›

      History. The Mather School is the oldest free public elementary school in North America. The school is located in historic Dorchester, Massachusetts and was named after Richard Mather, an English-born American Congregational minister who emigrated to Boston and settled in Dorchester in 1635.

      What is Coronado middle school ranked? ›

      Coronado Middle is ranked #233 in California Middle Schools.

      What is the highest rated school district in the US? ›

      Leading all communities in the 2024 Places with the Best Public Schools in America is Scarsdale, a suburb of New York City and home to roughly 18,000 people.

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