Inside the ultra-luxe Maldivian hotel where Sienna Miller babymooned: $3K-per-night villa, tree houses, hypnobirthing classes (2024)

Sienna Miller enjoyed a relaxing babymoon at a luxurious $3,200-a-night floating villa in the Maldives before welcoming her second child.

The actress — who shares 11-year-old daughter Marlowe with ex Tom Sturridge — welcomed a daughter with boyfriend Oli Green in January.

At 32 weeks pregnant, Miller jetted off to the Soneva Fushi beach resort and spa with Green for a lavish, private getaway.



“There aren’t the words to describe how beautiful the Maldives are,” she shared in a Times UK essay published Sunday. “We were in one of those water villas over the sea, and it was astounding; I’d always wanted to stay in one.”

Miller, 42, and her partner, 27, arrived at their accommodations to find a handwritten welcome note from staffers as well as a baby-shaped cake.

“Every detail had been considered,” Miller recalled of their stay.



Their villa on the sparkling blue water featured a private deck with a freshwater pool, a catamaran net and a “viewing deck” on the roof that was perfect for star-gazing, according to the retreat’s website.

“Being pregnant I wasn’t able to do some things — we had a water slide that went into the ocean, which I wasn’t allowed to go down (that would have been fun; I love a water slide), but Oli did,” she noted. “And one morning we had breakfast in a sort of treehouse in the jungle that is one of the resort’s restaurants.”

She continued, “Oli came in on a zip line, which was hysterical. Meanwhile, I had to take the stairs, which was actually quite a struggle.”




The resort features several on-site dining options that the couple enjoyed immensely.

“They had the best croissants and pains au chocolat imaginable, any kind of eggs and a crepe station, which I can’t wait to take my 11-year-old daughter, Marlowe, to if we ever go back,” she said, adding that she would “really indulge.”

Her favorite meal was at the resort’s “five-seater sushi restaurant” with the sushi master chef Akira.


“I love sushi and know you’re not meant to eat it when you’re pregnant, but we knew it was fresh out of the sea so I did tuck in,” she said.

Other dining options include a seaside shack serving Mediterranean cuisine, a pasta counter, a diversified buffet, a plant-based meal in the garden, a cinematic experience with Australia-style dishes, an Asian fusion spot and more.

But what really called to Miller was the resort’s many spas, which offer an array of treatments and amenities.



“This was the part of the trip I was most excited about as I’d been busy throughout my pregnancy,” she said of the spa. “Soneva Fushi places a huge emphasis on wellness and has all sorts of specialists.”

Miller said she had the “best massage” of her life and also partook in a “bespoke hypnobirthing course” with a doula.

“It focused on how to manage labour together as a couple,” she explained. “I think men often go into new fatherhood with very little idea of how to manage the situation. They’re just expected to understand, so it was nice to have some guidance.”



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The doula educated the pair on special oils she could use to support her birth as well as pressure points and massage techniques she could use.

“There was lots of looking in the eyes, holding hands and him stretching me,” she said. “In quite a hippy way, which I love, it was a bonding celebration and way of connecting with the baby.”

The wellness retreats offer sound treatments, massages, body scrubs, IV treatments, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, facials, yoga sessions, meditation centers, detox programs and sleep remedies.



Other amenities include a state-of-the-art gym, stone beds, a bamboo mist shower and a children’s center.

“If you’re about to have a baby I would highly recommend coming here, just the two of you. Ultimately, indulgence and delicious food is all you care about at that point,” Miller raved.

“When Oli and I were preparing for the trip we realized that we’d never actually been on holiday, just the two of us, in our entire relationship,” she continued. “So it was really magical to have that time together, thinking about each other and the baby that was about to arrive.”

Inside the ultra-luxe Maldivian hotel where Sienna Miller babymooned: $3K-per-night villa, tree houses, hypnobirthing classes (2024)
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