Kid-Friendly | Discover Coronado (2024)

First things first, Coronado Island is a safe area for walking, biking and having fun times. Every restaurant welcomes families and most have a menu for little ones. With 5 beaches, 2 bays, a waterfront golf course, blocks of coastal cuisine, historic architecture and quaint shopping, there’s activities abound.

  • Coronado Public Library. Kids books, videos and programs. Their mission is to meet the informational, recreational, and cultural needs of visitors. They promote reading, life-long learning, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Browse Library

  • Put some play in your day! Coronado Community Center features a family pool, recreational programs and huge lawn for games. A fun place for physical and mental wellness.

Visit Community Center

  • Pedal Beach Tours. Enjoy an entertaining, occasionally humorous, mostly truthful, fun fact tour of Coronado via the comfort of our magnificent pedicab.

Ride a Pedi-cab

  • Village Movie Theater. Matinees, kid-approved movies and an incredible concession stand. The iconic marquee of the Village Theatres has welcomed visitors since 1947, and sets the tone for the beauty that is Coronado.

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Kid-Friendly Places to Go

Coronado might be a small island, but there are LOTS of great things for kids. They're easy to reach on foot, car or bike.

  • Spreckels Park on Orange Avenue. Best playground and lots of grass for games.

Play in Spreckels Park

  • Glorietta Bay Park. Has its own beach, playground and lawn.

Visit Glorietta Park

  • Coronado Ferry Landing. Incredible views, kid-friendly beach and lots of good food.

Catch The Ferry

  • Silver Strand Bikeway. Great for biking along San Diego Bay.

Bike the Strand

  • Flamingos at Coronado Island Marriott Resort. No cost to see them upclose!

See the Flamingos

  • Sandcastles on Coronado Beach. Hours of fun letting their imagination run wild.

Build a Sandcastle

Kid-Friendly | Discover Coronado (2024)


Is Coronado Island good for kids? ›

Coronado might be a small island, but there are LOTS of great things for kids. They're easy to reach on foot, car or bike. Spreckels Park on Orange Avenue. Best playground and lots of grass for games.

What is the best beach in San Diego for kids? ›

Regularly recognized by the Travel Channel as "one of the 10 best family beaches in North America," Coronado Beach is perfect for an all-day stay for families. This long, wide, white sand beach offers plenty of space for paddleball, sandcastle building, kite flying and volleyball.

How is Coronado an island? ›

Geographically, Coronado is a tied island connected to the mainland by a tombolo known as the Silver Strand. The Silver Strand, Coronado and North Island, form San Diego Bay. Since recorded history, Coronado was mostly separated from North Island by a shallow inlet of water called the Spanish Bight.

Can you swim at Coronado Beach? ›

Coronado Beach is a popular and family-friendly beach featuring excellent swimming, walking, surfing, and fishing, and it has a dog-friendly area.

What is special about Coronado Island? ›

A magical island complete with historic turrets, cashmere-soft sands, lush parks, one-of-a-kind boutiques and atmospheric dining.

Who owns Coronado Island? ›

Except for privately owned lots, Spreckels owns all of Coronado, North Island, the hotel, the ferry, the trolley, and water systems.

Does Mexico own Coronado Island? ›

The islands are under the jurisdiction of Mexico and Tijuana Municipality in the state of Baja California. The archipelago is composed of four main islands spread out over 8 km (5 mi). Coronado Norte (North Coronado or North Island) is located at 32°26′N 117°18′W and has a surface area of 48 ha (120 acres).

What is Coronado named after? ›

Coronado was named for the Coronado Islands off the coast of San Diego. They were first sighted November 8, 1602 by Spanish navigator Vizcaino. He named them “Los Coronados” or “the crowned ones,” for four martyred saints of ancient Rome whose death had been on that day.

Is the water in Coronado clean? ›

At Coronado's city beaches, the water quality typically gets better as ocean currents sweep the sewage north and spread it out. Still the water off Coronado, more often than not, is slightly over what's considered safe.

Is Coronado Beach free? ›

Unlike other beaches across the country, there are no fees to visit. Coronado's stretch of beach is public, meaning you're welcome to enjoy it at your leisure. You can even find free parking nearby.

Is Coronado Beach water warm? ›

Coronado Beaches water temperatures peak in the range 19 to 22°C (66 to 72°F) on around the 3rd of September and are at their coldest on about the 5th of February, in the range 13 to 17°C (55 to 63°F). Coronado Beaches water temperatures are warmest at the start of September.

Is it worth going to Coronado Island? ›

Coronado Island, which is not really an island but more of a peninsula, is one of my favorite places to visit while in San Diego. The island has a lot of charm with historic old buildings, fun restaurants, great beaches and beautiful views of the San Diego skyline, here are ten things you can do while there.

Is Resort World kid friendly? ›

The pool area was nice and if you bring your kids, there is a separate family pool which I thought was great. “Great, but some changes are needed!” I would stay here again if a deal was to be had.

Is Coronado Beach crowded? ›

Access to the main Coronado Beach is from the area near the “Hotel Del” where there are free parking spaces along Ocean Boulevard. This wide family-friendly beach gets crowded, but it is wide enough that you can find a place to spread out comfortably.

What is the crime rate on Coronado Island? ›

Coronado Annual Crimes
Number of Crimes57338
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)3.0518.07

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