The new Datejust 36 - New motifs | Newsroom (2024)


Rolex is introducing four new versions of its Oyster Perpetual Datejust36 featuring new ‘palm’ and ‘fluted’ dial motifs. The palm motif evokes lush, vibrant tropical forests, while the fluted motif showcases the pattern found on a range of Rolex bezels that has become one of the brand’s signature aesthetic styles.

The palm motif can be seen on three of the new watches. On the first, in Oystersteel and equipped with an Oyster bracelet, the pattern is present on an olive green dial. It also decorates the golden dial of the second watch, a yellow Rolesor version (combining Oystersteel and yellow gold) fitted with an Oyster bracelet, and the silver dial of the third watch, an Everose Rolesor version (combining Oystersteel and Everose gold) on a Jubilee bracelet.

The fluted motif is found on the golden dial of the final watch – another yellow Rolesor version – this time with a Jubilee bracelet.

The new versions of the Datejust36 are equipped with calibre3235, a movement at the forefront of watchmaking technology.

Like all Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust36 carries the Superlative Chronometer certification, which ensures excellent performance on the wrist.


Rolex’s Datejust is the archetype of the classic watch thanks to functions and aesthetics that never go out of fashion. Launched in 1945, it was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to display the date in a window at 3 o’clock on the dial, and consolidated all the major innovations that the brand had contributed to the modern wristwatch until then. The Datejust has spanned eras while retaining the enduring aesthetic characteristics that make it so instantly recognizable.


Rolesor, the combination of gold and Oystersteel on a Rolex watch, has been a signature feature of the brand since 1933, when the name was registered. It is a meeting of two metals: one, noble and precious, attractive for its lustre and stability; the other, highly resistant to corrosion, assuring strength and reliability. All of these qualities mirror the elegance and performance that come together in a Rolex watch. On the two new yellow Rolesor versions of the Datejust36, the bezel, winding crown and centre links of the bracelet are in yellow gold, while the case and outer links of the bracelet are in Oystersteel. The Everose Rolesor version follows the same principle, using Everose gold rather than yellow gold.


A paragon of robustness and elegance, the 36mm Oyster case of the Datejust36 is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet). Its middle case is crafted from a solid block of Oystersteel, a particularly corrosion-resistant alloy. The case back, edged with fine fluting, is hermetically screwed down with a special tool that allows only Rolex watchmakers to access the movement. The Twinlock winding crown, fitted with a double waterproofness system, screws down securely against the case. The crystal is made of virtually scratchproof sapphire and is fitted with a Cyclops lens at 3 o’clock for easy reading of the date. The waterproof Oyster case provides optimum protection for the watch’s movement.


The new versions of the Datejust36 are equipped with calibre3235, a movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex that was released in 2015 and has been fitted on this model since 2018. At the forefront of watchmaking technology, this self-winding mechanical movement led to the filing of several patents, and offers outstanding performance in terms of precision, power reserve, resistance to shocks and magnetic fields, convenience and reliability.

Calibre3235 incorporates the Chronergy escapement patented by Rolex, which combines high energy efficiency with great dependability. Made of nickel-phosphorus, it is also insensitive to magnetic fields. The movement is fitted with an optimized blue Parachrom hairspring, manufactured by Rolex in a paramagnetic alloy that makes it up to 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks. The blue Parachrom hairspring is equipped with a Rolex overcoil, ensuring the calibre’s regularity in any position. The oscillator is fitted on the Rolex-designed and -patented high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers, increasing the movement’s shock resistance.

Calibre3235 is equipped with a selfwinding module via a Perpetual rotor. Thanks to its barrel architecture and the escapement’s superior efficiency, the power reserve of calibre3235 extends to approximately 70 hours.


The new Oystersteel Datejust36 with the olive green, palm motif dial, and the yellow Rolesor version (combining Oystersteel and yellow gold) bearing the golden, palm motif dial are fitted with an Oyster bracelet. Developed at the end of the 1930s, this three-piece link bracelet is known for its robustness.

The new Everose Rolesor version(combining Oystersteel and Everose gold) with the silver, palm motif dial has a Jubilee bracelet, just like the yellow Rolesor watch whose golden dial is decorated with the fluted motif. Supple and comfortable, the five-piece link Jubilee bracelet was specially created for the launch of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust in 1945.

The Oyster and Jubilee bracelets on the Datejust36 are equipped with a folding Oysterclasp and include the Easylink comfort extension link, developed by Rolex, which allows the wearer to easily adjust the bracelet length by approximately 5mm. In addition, a concealed attachment system ensures seamless visual continuity between the bracelet and case.


Like all Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust36 is covered by the Superlative Chronometer certification redefined by Rolex in 2015. This designation testifies that every watch leaving the brand’s workshops has successfully undergone a series of tests conducted by Rolex in its own laboratories according to its own criteria.These certification tests apply to the fully assembled watch, after casing the movement, guaranteeing superlative performance on the wrist in terms of precision, power reserve, waterproofness and self-winding. The precision of a Rolex Superlative Chronometer is of the order of −2 /+2 seconds per day – the rate deviation tolerated by the brand for a finished watch is significantly smaller than that accepted by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) for official certification of the movement alone.

The Superlative Chronometer status is symbolized by the green seal that comes with every Rolex watch and is coupled with an international five-year guarantee.

The new Datejust 36 - New motifs | Newsroom (2024)


Is Rolex discontinuing the Datejust motif? ›

Discontinued Rolex Datejust 36 with Palm Motif and Fluted Dials. The Rolex Palm Motif and Fluted Datejust collections, beloved by watch enthusiasts for their intricate laser-etched dials, have been discontinued.

Is Rolex Datejust 36 a good investment? ›

Is the Rolex Datejust a Good Investment? The short answer to this popular question is yes – nearly every Rolex will hold its value over time.

Which Rolex will be discontinued in 2024? ›

Historically, the Rolex Datejust line has showcased some of the most fascinating Rolex motif dials, including the tapestry, Rolex jubilee, and, as of 2021, palm and fluted dials. For 2024, the topical palm dial and fluted bezel-inspired dial motifs have been discontinued.

What is the rarest Datejust? ›

Introduced in 1980, the Tiger's Eye dial on the Datejust ranks among Rolex's rarest offerings. The release was limited to ensure it didn't overshadow the Day-Date watches.

Will Rolex prices drop in 2024? ›

Following a significant increase in 2023, Rolex comes back to a more standard price increase for 2024. Without surprises, the arrival of a new year also means subsequent price changes for brands (and this isn't limited to watch brands, but you'll find these in multiple other industries).

How long is Rolex waiting list for Datejust? ›

Rolex Datejust Wait Time
Rolex ModelExpected Wait Time
Stainless steel Datejust 41 (Fluted bezel)2 months – 3 years
Stainless steel Datejust 41 (Smooth bezel)2 months – 2 years
Stainless steel Datejust 36 (Fluted bezel)2 months – 1 year
Stainless steel Datejust 36 (Smooth bezel)0 – 10 months
1 more row

Who wears a Rolex Datejust 36? ›

The actor Paul Newman, was seen wearing a full stainless steel 36mm Datejust in The Color of Money. Harrison Ford sports a Datejust 36mm in the 1980s movie Frantic, which featured a white Roman numeral dial, white gold bezel and stainless steel jubilee bracelet and case.

Are 36mm watches making a comeback? ›

Coming in at approximately 33-36mm, these timepieces were celebrated for their modest proportions, with larger designs often regarded as outliers or cumbersome. The pendulum has swung back in favour of the former, as discerning consumers recognise their versatility, comfort and appeal.

Do men wear 36mm Rolex watches? ›

A classic Rolex watch size for men is 36mm diameter, and for women is 31mm in diameter. If you have a thinner wrist, try smaller (the smallest Rolex is 28mm). If you have a rounder or thicker wrist, try larger (the largest Rolex is 44mm).

Which Rolex will hold value? ›

Rolex Datejust (picture courtesy of Bob's Watches). Rolex's sportier watches have been in the crosshairs for investors in recent years, but the classic Rolex Datejust in all its iterations, remains a workhorse for The Crown and a solid bet for collectors who just want their watches to hold their value.

Will a Rolex last 100 years? ›

Whether a Rolex will last for 100 years depends on a variety of factors. The Swiss luxury watchmaker produces fine-quality timepieces that are capable of lasting for a long time. However, ongoing care and maintenance are necessary to keep the watches in good condition.

Do discontinued Rolex go up in value? ›

If previous years are anything to go by, the likelihood is that Rolex will upset a few of us by discontinuing some of their very popular pieces. This shouldn't worry us though. One thing to always remember when it comes to discontinued Rolex watches is, they will almost certainly go up in value.

What is the most popular Datejust color? ›

For decades, the Yellow Rolesor range has been among the brand's most successful options for its versatile and timeless style. If you're in the market for a gold Rolex that doesn't command the top-tier price of an all-gold watch, then the Yellow Rolesor Datejust is the way to go.

Which Datejust is most popular? ›

The Lady-Datejust went on to become Rolex's best-selling model ever made, which is why it is often stated that the Datejust collection as a whole is Rolex's most popular watch of all time. Throughout the 20th century, Rolex continued to make the men's Datejust in a 36mm size and the Lady-Datejust in a 26mm.

What is the most popular size Datejust? ›

Today, the 41mm Datejust is one of the most beloved sizes for men due to its classic looks but modern sizing and feel.

What Rolex models are being discontinued? ›

Rolex continues to stir excitement in the horological world with its unprecedented moves. As of now, the brand has discontinued the Le Mans Daytona, the motif Datejust dials and the entire Yacht-Master II collection.

Is the green motif dial discontinued? ›

As mentioned above, the fluted motif dial in the Datejust lineup in its entirety was also discontinued. Firstly, we have the green fluted motif dial discontinued in the stainless steel 41mm Datejust. The fluted motif blue is also discontinued in the stainless steel 36mm and 41mm Datejust.

What Rolex is going to be discontinued? ›

Will there be a successor for the Yacht-Master II or is the fun over? Update 9th of April 2024: the Yacht-Master II is no longer an option in the Rolex configurator on their website. Only one conclusion is right here: the Yacht-Master II is discontinued per April 2024.

Will Rolex Datejust go up in value? ›

A: Yes, investing in a Rolex can be a great long-term investment if taken seriously and done correctly. When you invest in a quality product like a Rolex with iconic status and timeless design, you can be sure that it will retain its value over time and even potentially appreciate.

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